City Mayor

About the Mayor 

Mayor Worley, a Quincy High School graduate, moved to Quincy in 1961. He started his commitment to the City in 1992 by working at the wastewater treatment facility. In 2000, a private company was contracted to operate and maintain the wastewater treatment facilities where he then became employed by the company to continue his job working at the facilities. He has continued to worked for the different companies contracted with the City to operate and maintain these facilities ever since. Mayor Worley was elected to City Council in 2002 where he served until the end of 2017, when he was elected Mayor for the City of Quincy.

When asked why he ran for mayor, Mayor Worley’s response is one important word, “continuity”. He has been a part of our community’s growth and he wants to see it continue. Mayor Worley would like to see the community grow at a practical pace the City and community can keep up with. He would like to see more and better job opportunities for our residents. Mayor Worley recognizes the diversity in our community and would like to embrace it and reach out to all members of the community. He doesn’t want to see anyone left out of opportunities within our community.

Projects Mayor Worley would like to see completed during his term include the Reuse Utility, City Hall, Public Safety Facility, all other current projects under the City’s scope, and if possible, an expansion of Lauzier Park.