Farmer-Consumer Awareness Day


The Farmer-Consumer Awareness Day (FCAD) started in 1981 by a frustrated farmer. Quincy farmer Dennis Higashiyama was listening to Paul Harvey on the radio. Harvey was relating the story of a lady who had complained to her grocer about the high cost of food. The grocer explained some of her grocery money helps him pay his bills and his employee's wages, some of the money goes to the processors who package the food, and some goes to the farmer. The woman then retorted that we ought to get rid of the farmer. The surprised grocer asked where she thought the food came from. "From Safeway, naturally." Higashiyama thought of an idea of having a day where the public could see first hand what agriculture is all about. His idea was to let the public know that farmers are not getting rich, and they don't want to be taken for granted either.

A Successful Celebration

In the past 32 years, the event has grown successfully with tours of area processing plants and farms, displays of farm equipment, informational and commodity booths, and a farmer's market with produce going at wholesale prices. The celebration has been expanded to include:

  • Afternoon of entertainment on a stage
  • Car show
  • Displays of arts and crafts
  • Fun run
  • Large number of food booths
  • Parade
  • tours

Event Date

The celebration is held annually on the second Saturday in September. For more information, forms and schedule of events please visit their website at Quincy Farmer Consumer website. Come join us for a day of fun!