Welcome to the City of Quincy, “Where agriculture meets technology”!  

Mayor Hemberry took office in the middle of a time of great change for the City of Quincy. The construction of server farms by Microsoft, Yahoo and Intuit has sparked a flurry of new home construction. The housing boom will undoubtedly lead to new businesses and support services locating in Quincy in the next few years. Mayor Hemberry believes that in the midst of this new growth Quincy must find a way to retain its small town character. He believes it is the responsibility of our City government to provide an atmosphere that will allow new business to enhance the businesses and industries that are already the backbone of our community.

Many of the new homes being built in Quincy are being purchased by people who work in Quincy, but in the past have lived in the surrounding communities. As new families move in, new service businesses will follow and result in many of the dollars that are earned in Quincy being spent in Quincy

The new businesses and industries coming to our community will create new employment opportunities for our citizens. Young people who leave to attend college or trade school will be able to find good jobs in Quincy and bring their skills back home.

New development is bringing increased tax revenue to the City. That revenue will allow much needed improvements to our streets, parks and community services. As we welcome new business and industry to our community we must not forget that our best and most important resource is our people. The City must continue to work together with the Port District, School District, Hospital District and the Chamber of Commerce to ensure that Quincy continues to be a great place in which to live and raise our families.

Please browse through our website and check out the links to our community partners to see just part of what makes the Quincy Valley a wonderful place to live, raise a family, recreate or start a business.

Welcome to Quincy!

Jim Hemberry-Mayor

The Mayor is always interested in hearing from citizens about the needs/concerns of the community and can be reached by contacting him at - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  or by calling 509-787-3523, ext 201.