Utilities & Rates



Grant County PUD has developed a Fiber Optic Network throughout Grant County communities for business, industrial and residential use.  


SERVICES:  Cascade Natural Gas



EMC runs the City's two treatment facilities

  Capacity Peak Demand
Industrial 4.0 mgd 4.0 mgd
Domestic 1.15 mgd 1.05 mgd
Monthly charges are:   Connection charges are:  
$36.54/month (per unit)-Residential   Size Connection Fees
$2.27/100 cf-Commercial   (min. $34.22)   3/4" $   958
$4.263/100 cf-Non Contributed Industrial II   1" $ 1,149
 $10.27/100 cf-Data Center Discharges   1 1/4" & 1 1/2" $ 1,916
    2" $ 2,203
    3" $ 3,832
    4" $ 5,508
    6" $ 7,424


The City currently maintains 5 wells around the City.  Water Confidence Reports are available at the Public Services Building (115 1st Avenue SW).  The following minimum rates apply per unit for the use of four hundred cubic feet of water or less, depending on the size of the meter used.

Monthly charges are: Connection and Installation charges are:
Meter Size Basic charge (includes 400 cf usage)
3/4" $14.43
1" $15.90
1 1/4" $19.14
1 1/2" $21.02
2" $26.89
3" $43.13
4" $67.27
6" $178.84
Water used in excess of 400 cf charged at a rate of $.438/100 cf for Residential and Commercial and $.440/100 cf for Industrial
Size Connection Fees Installation Fees Total Fee
3/4" $ 1,475 $1,065 $ 2,540
1" $ 1,771 $1,278 $ 3,049
1 1/4" & 1 1/2" $ 2,950 $2,131 $ 5,081
2" $ 3,393 $2,450 $ 5,843
3" $ 5,901 $4,262 $ 10,163
4" $ 8,482 $6,126 $14,608
6" $11,433 $8,256 $19,689
Seasonal Disconnection/Reconnection Fee:  $37.50 each time



Consolidated Disposal Service, Inc. has been contracted by the City to handle the refuse disposal service within the City limits.  Rates vary depending on size of refuse container.  Minimum charge is $10.30 for a 32 gallon container (64 gallon picked up every other week) and 96 gallon recycle container picked up every other week.

Monthly charges are: Compactor Service Rates:
32 gallon $5.15
64 gallon $10.30
96 gallon $15.45
1 cu yd $43.26
1.5 cu yd/300 gallon $59.23
2 cu yd/400 gallon $74.68
3 cu yd $110.73
4 cu yd $144.20
6 cu yd $195.70
8 cu yd $231.75
100 gallon yard waste $15.45
15 cu yd $267.80 + $35.74/ton
20 cu yd $267.80 + $35.74/ton
25 cu yd $267.80 + $35.74/ton
30 cu yd $280.00 + $34.70/ton
35 cu yd $280.00 + $34.70/ton
40 cu yd $309.00 + $35.74/ton

Non Compacted Drop Boxes Available
20 cu yd to 40 cu yd


The City owns and operates a Compost Facility located at 18655 Road 9 NW. The Compost Facility is operating on Summer hours, 7:15am to 11:15am and 12:15pm to 3:15pm Tuesday through Saturday. Compost can be purchased dirt cheap! Contact the City for current rates or review the Rate Resolution on this website. Compost can be purchased at the Public Services Building Monday through Friday from 9:00am-5:00pm with cash, check, or credit card. There will be a 2.95% fee added onto compost transactions purchased by credit card. Compost can be purchased on site with exact amount in cash or by check only. There is no change kept on site.The facility does not accept the following items:  SOD; OSB; wafer board; plywood; any material which has been or is stained, painted or treated; puncture vine; goat heads; manure; pre or post consumer foods; dirt; or garbage. For more information contact the Public Works Department at (509) 787-4131 ext 254.




Service:   Grant County PUD    

Quincy receives electricity from the Grant Count Public Utility District.  This consumer-owned utility has two large hydroelectric power plants on the Columbia River.  Central Washington State has hydropower resources that are among the lowest cost providers of power in the U. S.  Grant County PUD is a regional leader in reliable electric service - typically 99.9% reliability.  In 2001, large industrial power costs averaged less than two cents per kilowatt-hour.  Local industries include food processors along with silicon and chemical companies.  Grant County PUD also offers connections to one of the nation's first rural high-speed telecommunications systems.  This state-of-the-art communications system is now under rapid construction throughout Grant County.  Access to the PUD's ZIPP fiber optic network allows local citizens and businesses a choice of digital television, Internet, telephone, and other broadband services through independent service providers.  If you have questions about the ZIPP Network, please contact the ZIPP Customer Care Team at 754-6632, toll-free at 888-254-1899 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  For more information on Grant County PUD see their web site at www.gcpud.org



Exede Satellite Internet, www.exede.com. Exede is the leading satellite internet provider. We have thousands of customers, including many in your area and we feel we could be of great value to your customers. Satellite is a great option for people without cable internet wiring.





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