City Parks

All around the City of Quincy, we have 6 different parks with amenities for public use.  From smaller neighborhood parks with play structures to a large 20 acre destination park with room for most all sports and family entertainment.

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eastprk12 15 15 EAST PARK is located around the Quincy Aquatic Center. It has a lighted softball field, BMX bike track, 2 big toys for kids, swings, and covered picnic area and more. This park is just over 11 acres in size. oconnel edit 12 14 15 O'CONNELL PARK is a small park located at the corner of B Street and 3rd Avenue NE. This neighborhood park has a great play structure for the children in this area to play on. This park is just under .5 acres.
memorialparksm QUINCY MEMORIAL PARK is located on SR28. There is a Veteran's Wall with names of local service men and women in honor of their service to our Nation. north12 14 15 NORTH PARK is located at the corner of Central Avenue N and B Street NE, the park provides a place to play soccer, basketball and a big toy donated by the family of former Mayor Jim Huffman.  Recently added was a swing set to go with the other large play structures. This city park is right at 2 acres big.

LAUZIER PARK is located at 1600 13th Avenue SW and is the newest of the parks.  Developed with funding from the Paul Lauzier Foundation, Lauzier Park has soccer fields, softball fields, toy structures (1 ADA toy) and lighted basketball & tennis courts.  We also completed a community stage in 2014 for local events and activities.  This park is 20 acres in size.

rotary12 14 15

QUINCY ROTARY PARK is located in the center of town. This fountain has benches where you can sit and listen to water spill over the antique equipment.
quincy south park1sm

SOUTH PARK is adjacent to Pioneer Elementary School and is the location of the Little League Fields.  The City park portion is almost 2.5 acres in size, but with the adjoining school district property and playground equipment, this park seems to be huge.

 simmons12 14 15

SIMMONS PARK is a park/State Historical Museum site that is located just off of Hwy 28/F St SW.  The park has close to 1.5 acres of grass with a newer climbing big toy. This is a nice quiet secluded park with plenty of shade and open area. The Quincy Historical Society runs the museum and hours, but is open Friday and Sat during the summer. Nice little park to visit and relax.

Lauzier Park Rnetal map Ariel view of Lauzier Park and the areas that are available for reservations for community use.