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The City of Quincy has a population of 7,345 and is located in a rural community with a total population of approximately 13,000.  Quincy is surrounded by numerous recreational facilities, both natural and man made, which bring to the area a wide variety of people.

Among the natural attractions, Quincy is located just seven miles from the Columbia River and Crescent Bar Resort.  Water sports, camping and golf are among the various activities available.  To the south of Quincy approximately 6 miles are the Quincy Lakes which provide an area for fishing, hiking, horseback riding and camping.  South approximately 22 miles along the Old Vantage Highway is a favorite spot for rock climbers along the cliffs.  And approximately 30 miles south of Quincy are the Beverly Dunes, a favorite attraction for ORV’s.  The Ginko Petrified Forest in Vantage is only a 25 minute drive from Quincy.  Other natural attractions include Sunlakes State Park to the northeast with Moses Lake and the Pot Holes to the southeast. 

The surrounding Cities provide for an increase in tourism around the area.  Wenatchee is located along the Columbia River and has various riverside parks and softball complexes available.  In the summer Cashmere, 5 miles west of Wenatchee, and Leavenworth, 15 miles west, provide for white water rafting along the Wenatchee River between the two cities.  During the winter, Mission Ridge Ski Resort provides for downhill skiing, snow boarding and other winter activities. 

Man made attractions include the Quincy Aquatic Center, Moses Lake Aquatic Center, Quincy Golf Course, Grant County Museum, Central Washington Museum, Fairs, Rodeos and outdoor concerts.  Outdoor concerts include McCosh Park in Moses Lake, which provides free concerts, and the Gorge at George, which brings in the largest influx of people into the Quincy area.

Other activities in the area include Wanapam Dam and Rocky Reach Dam.  Both have information centers and displays set up.  The surrounding farmland provides some areas for hunting.  

Quincy and the surrounding area is a vast area of opportunities as noted on the sign as you enter Quincy, “Opportunities Unlimited”. 

Today, Quincy is a highly productive agricultural area with 200,000 irrigatable acres under production.  The fertile soil and ideal climate conditions make it possible to grow a variety of crops!  Potatoes, apples, wheat, alfalfa, corn, vegetable crops for food and seed are a few of the major crops grown in the Valley.  The economy of the Quincy Valley is based largely on agriculture, with several processing plants, packing houses and light industry in the area.  Quincy is a relatively new community with the advent of irrigation and a sense of friendliness, progressiveness and community spirit abound.

The clock and fountain downtown on Central Avenue was donated by the Quincy Rotary Club. The fountain is the creation of Scott Lybbert, a local resident who is also the creator of the Grant County Christmas Light displays that can be seen from I-90 and other county roads during the Christmas Season.

Central Avenue is the main street in the Downtown Business District. The bump-outs not only provide a place for beautiful flowers but also a safe area for shoppers and pedestrians. Central Avenue is also one of the designated Truck Routes.


The City of Quincy is adorned by beautiful flowers spring through autumn.  These flowers are planted and maintained by the Quincy Beautification Committee.  This group of volunteers work long hours to make the drive through Quincy beautiful.  Cannas, tulips and other flowers enhance the beauty of Quincy.  Volunteers like the Beautification Committee make Quincy a nice place to live.  Take a drive through Quincy and enjoy the many treasures the City of Quincy, “Opportunities Unlimited”, has to offer!


The City of Quincy is located just 7 miles east of the Columbia River and the Crescent Bar Resort.  Surrounded by towering basalt cliffs, sandy beaches and lush green landscaping, where the average temperature is 70 degrees (May through  Sept.), with little rainfall.  Crescent Bar Resort is a recreational community that offers condominium complexes with units which are sold individually to people who use them privately as well as rent them to other travelers.  

There is also an R.V. Park and Campground and boating launch which is open to the public.  Other activities include tennis, golfing, water skiing, swimming and boating.  You can make reservations or get more info on amenities at Crescent Bar by going to crescentbarresort.com


1999, 2001, 2002 Pollstar Award Winner: Best Outdoor Venue.  1995, 1996, 1997, 1998 Pollstar Award Winner: Best Large Outdoor Concert Venue

Lawn-covered terraces of the Gorge Amphitheater are the destination for concert enthusiasts in the Pacific Northwest.  

The 20,000 seat Gorge amphitheatre hosts concerts  by some of the biggest names in show business including:  Motley Crue, Bonnie Raitt, Aerosmith, Jimmy Buffett, Britney Spears, Tina Turner, Bob Dylan, Van Morrison, KISS, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Chicago, Joni Mitchell, Dave Matthews, Phish, Metallica, Rod Stewart, Creation Festival, Van Halen, James Taylor, Paul Simon, KUBE Jam, BB King, Jackson Browne, Shania Twain, John Mellencamp, Lillith Fair, Ozzfest, Santana and many more. 


Services: Family Practice Clinic, Acute Care, Radiology, Laboratory, Physical Therapy, Speech Therapy, 24/7 Physician Staffed Emergency Services, Social Services, Geriatric Medicine, Women's Health, Internal Medicine, Visiting Specialists, Sports Physicals, Work Injuries, Specialist Referrals, Interpreter Services.

The Quincy Valley Medical Center was established in Quincy in 1959 and continues to progress with the needs and wants of our citizens.

We are proud of what we have accomplished meeting the medical needs of our community and will continue to do so as our community grows.  Just because we are rural doesn't mean we don't care about the quality of health in our community. Visit them at: www.quincyhospital.org


Local Accommodations / Lodging - Inns, Cabins, Hotels, Motels, Campgrounds and RV Parks

Hotel/Motels RV Parks/Rentals Campgrounds

Sundowner Motel  (509) 787-3587, 414 F St. SE  Quincy, WA  98848
Owners:  Amish & Mina

Quincy Inn & Suites   (509) 787-1919
500 F St. SW  Quincy, WA  98848
Manager:  Bill Gentry 

Country Cabin   (509) 787-3515,  711 2nd Ave SW, Quincy, WA  98848
Owners:  Singh Parduman 

Crescent Hotel  (509) 797-7001, 710 10th Ave SW, Quincy, WA  98848 Owner:  Pal Singh 

Cave B Inn & Spa  (509) 785-2283  or (888) 785-2283, 344 Silica Rd NW.  Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Crescent Bar Inc.- Phone: (509) 787-1511 or 1-800-824-7090 Location: 8894 Crescent Bar Rd. NW #1  Quincy, WA  98848

Shady-Tree R.V. Park- (509) 785-2851  1099 Hwy 283 N.  Quincy, WA  98848 Owners:  Robert & Nancy Olson

Stars & Stripes R.V. Park- 1- 800 - 422 - 8447  (509) 787-1062  5707 Hwy 28 W.  Ephrata, WA  98823 Owners:  Scott and Suzie Macdonald  

Select Rentals- (509) 787-1496 or (509) 787-1304, Weekly and weekend rentals.  Visit their website or email them at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

Crescent Bar Inc.- Phone: (509) 787-1511 or 1-800-824-7090 Location: 8894 Crescent Bar Rd. NW #1  Quincy, WA  98848

Wildhorse Campground - Camping located near the Gorge Amphitheater.

Gorge Campground (509) 785-CAMP - Camping located beside the Gorge Amphitheater.